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two weeks after the last of a gas pipeline in california, lawmakers are investigating pipeline safety this afternoon. one new bill would force utilities to be a good cushion of the valves on pipelines located in heavily populated areas. residents if would be notified if they live near a gas pipeline. several people died and dozens of causes were destroyed in san bruno, calif.. the city of manassas is cracking down after an adult-
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themed to store as part of battle in old town. the city council voted last night to regulate all sexually oriented businesses in the city. this will let them keep the adult jobs in the future away from schools, day care is, and nurseries. daughter-owneder-owneed store opening shortly. it was 113 degrees in los angeles yesterday. that breaks a record set in 1877. thousands of people were without electricity. people were standing under umbrellas and jumping fully clothed into fountains. >> i think i'm going to melt. >> it is very hot. i don't understand especially when it is two weeks into fall.
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>> a bus i've broken out late monday afternoon in a los angeles suburb. in north carolina, nonstop rain shutdown a highway during rush hour. drivers were stuck sitting on highway 17 at a standstill. pounding rain left cars stranded as parts of the road turned into lakes. it was a long night for toure trucks and record crews -- wrecker crew. >> /floods happen so quickly. people don't understand. a lot of water. >> we have had a lot of rain, but nothing like that. we had a flash flood warnings earlier this week. now there's a secure and destroy all morning and wrote to the west. there's a flood advisory for the coastal areas. old town alexandria and those places. for the rest of us, quiet and dry this afternoon. a little blue in the sky.
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the clouds will begin to wear away a little this afternoon. wind gusts around 20 miles an hour. 24 miles an hour at reagan national airport. three spots, ashburn, 74 degrees. three-quarters of an inch of rain since midnight. about a half-inch of rain in barnesville. in the district, just a little rain. 77 degrees for the high temperature so far. temperatures are warm and slowly, 78 get the airport, 73 in hagerstown. only in the '50s off to the north and west, 59 into the bird. 53 in detroit. cooler air will remain mainly to the north and east of us. it will work its way to our area this weekend. there's a big change in the air masses. an area of low pressure is vowel is spinning out of here.
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heavy showers are moving across the delmarva peninsula and ocean city and moving toward new york. better news for the overnight. a pleasant morning tomorrow. the area of low pressure will develop and pick up tropical moisture. we could be looking at a heavy rain as early as tomorrow night into thursday. then a nice weekend. partly cloudy and breezy this afternoon. tetris will fall to below a day's. wind at 10-15 with higher gusts possible. 54-60 degrees tonight. 75 tomorrow morning, gives way to afternoon clubs -- clouds. in the 60's for the daytime highs saturday through monday. it was 99 at reagan national recently. hud to believe. >> it will be october shortly.
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thank you. a hurricane, rip currents, and choppy seas kept ocean city lifeguards busy this summer.

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